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ESCO Energy Services Company

Our Energy Performance Contract (EPC)


Onsite Renewables is an energy services company (ESCO). By signing up for our EPC, you’ll essentially be joining a shared savings syndicate, a finance mechanism designed to drive transformational energy efficiency.


If you enter into a long term partnership (5+ years) with us, we’ll make cost saving improvements <i>without any upfront capital cost to you</i>. It’s up to us to finance the upgrade on your behalf.


As your ESCO, we’ll implement a range of energy saving measures, guaranteeing a level of cost savings which are sufficient to pay off our capital investment over the agreed time period. Once this is done, the financial savings transfer entirely to you. We’ll ensure your building is efficiently operated and maintained otherwise we risk non-delivery of your guaranteed savings – depending on contract terms, we could be required to make up the difference.


High quality Measurement &amp; Verification (M&amp;V) is an important part of our EPC, ensuring our reported energy savings are trustworthy and credible.


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