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Providing commercial and public sector organisations with energy saving, retrofit
and renewable energy solutions



How does the funding work?
It’s provided as an interest free loan.  Your repayments would be made from the money saved on your energy bills. Once the loan is repaid, you’ll continue to benefit from the energy savings.


When should you apply?
With a limited amount of funding, and a closing date for applications, time is of the essence! The funding is allocated on a first come first served basis and we’d like to help you apply for it.     


Not ready to start yet?
Providing your project is finished within 9 months, you can apply for your funding now, and start it later. This way, you’ll have your interest-free funds ready to use later this year. The sooner you start your project, the sooner you’ll benefit from the energy savings!


Cautious about taking a loan?
A good business manager should be. Salix is a government loan fund devised to reduce carbon emissions within the public sector through energy savings, and to be repaid interest-free through savings in bills.


Loans are repaid at or below the rate of savings, so there are no up-front capital costs, or additional revenue costs during repayment term. The term is the return-on-investment period rounded up into the next full year, and repayments commence the year following installationto allow accrual of savings.


For Schools, Department of Education advice can seem to be at odds with itself. Early leasing deals left some schools with unfair repayments, and led to protective school purchasing rules banning school loans without Secretary of State Approval. Meanwhile the department of eduction has not only permitted schools to loan where salix will approve the loan, but has actually produced a flyer to promote Salix uptake.A formal Blanket approval to use salix is intended for the end of 2013.


Sam Illsley, Programme Manager of Salix, writes: “Salix has supported schools for 6 years with energy efficiency projects. To date, Salix has loaned over £18m across 1,800 projects in schools. In addition, the DofE have launched their pilot schools programme with Salix this year (2013) with £8m of funding available for maintained schools”.


For further information call Steve Cook 01442  834700

Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change Minister writes: “This extra money for universities, schools (including academies), local authorities, hospitals and other public organisations will help get even more energy saving schemes up and running across the country and will help the public sector to continue leading by example on energy efficiency."

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