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Awareness Campaigns

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Behind every campaign to reduce carbon and develop energy efficiencies is the motivation of people. At Onsite Renewables, we work with a renowned Environmental Consultant to help raise awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction within the workforce, for use during staff induction programmes and awareness campaigns; making carbon and energy reduction a way of life.

Our Approach

Our consultant, Sally Taylor, has a long-standing and successful carbon reduction and energy reduction track record, currently steering the strategies for carbon reduction with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, running their environmental forum.

We aim to develop and facilitate a company/ group carbon reduction strategy with key stakeholders with a  minimum 5% reduction in carbon footprint and utilities costs target, over and above savings through investment and provide an investment road map for best effect.

To achieve this aim, we have identified several options where Onsite Renewables can be of assistance to target staff at different levels of the organisation.

1. Carbon Reduction Workshops
We recommend developing a practical, plain-speaking programme of Carbon reduction workshops to embed energy saving into the company culture. These workshops are facilitated and run by the Onsite Renewables Consultant and all materials and resources are supplied by Onsite Renewables. We recommend running the workshops focussing at different levels of the organisation eg. talking to key decision makers and management figures in a separate series of workshops so the carbon reduction culture can be embedded from the top down. The venue and schedule for the programmes will be discussed with you and tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Carbon Reduction Workshops

  • Facilitated and all material provided by Onsite Renewables
  • Content and focus selected by you, tailored to meet needs
  • Number and frequency selected by you
  • Opportunity to target high level management and decision makers and create ambassadors for carbon reduction within your organisation
  • Fresh pair of eyes reviewing your organisation’s energy culture and inspiring awareness and change.

2. Tailor made DVD and resource materials

As an extra element to the workshops, we have found companies gain great benefits in producing a DVD or short “You Tube” style feature – another quick and cost effective way to focus your employees’ attention on key energy issues within their organisation and highlighting simple energy saving habits to which they can relate and adopt.

Benefits of DVD/short video clip

  • Flexible support tool to be used in conjunction with face to face workshops and other campaign activities
  • Can be placed on company intranet for ease of access
  • Comprehensive guide to carbon awareness in the workplace can be used as a stand alone tool to reach a wide employee base
  • Tailored to the workplace, exemplifying “real” energy concerns

Other recommendations

We would also recommend incorporating the carbon awareness culture into any current or ad hoc projects within the organisation and also offer Onsite Renewables expertise and assistance in running employee/student induction courses.

Please call us to discuss in further detail.