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Energy Monitoring

Monitoring of energy consumption is key to reducing your energy costs and environmental impact, whether you represent a Government Enterprise, Educational Facility, Business or OEM.  This is a proven and mature end-to-end application that  provides the information that you need.


Onsite Renewables can provide an end to end, fully installed and commissioned solution for energy monitoring and targeting. Utilising a range of low impact, battery power radio sensors and cellular gateways this solution is a rapid, low-cost installation that instantly provides energy management information via a cloud based, web application.

The web application offers the opportunity to configure thresholds for expected energy consumption. Where these thresholds are exceeded the solution provides email and SMS alerts to a user so that corrective action can be taken.

  • Reduce Consumption

  • Cloud based application

  • Identify Wastage

  • Visualise Results

  • Combine Data

You cannot manage what you do not measure